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Always renewing

The name of Lilla Sellei and her brand is not new in he Hungarian fashion field as many people knows her already. There is one particular circle who adores her work – Moms! This is how I also found her and the magical, practical and „all goes in” backpacks what she design and make. Basically she realized all Moms’ dreams.

Lilla is not only making bag packs, but many other things as well. You can find under her name the PocketTrailer, shirtdresses, different clothes as well. All pieces are made in Hungary, the materials are quality and even the design is made in the family by her husband. Photos are taken by her – so I wondered how many hours does she have in a day?

Read the story of an always developing and renewing little company!

1. Please introduce yourself and your business!

I always loved fashion. When I was a little girl I used to make drawings about it and obviously I wanted to be a fashion designer. As I was growing up, I started to push away this „irrational” dream of mine – but in the meanwhile I find creative ways to share and show my passion. I was in primary school when I got my first sewing machine – so I don’t destroy my Mom’s. I loved bags so I just started to make them. I son had more than enough so I started to make for my classmates as well.

2. How long have you been creating bags?

I finished university as an engineer and already during university in 2007 I started a website . After I started to work as a journalist and from 2008 I worked for an online magazine where I led the fashion heading. In 2012 my son was born and I became a freelance journalist. In this 4 year I had some special request for the bags but I looked at it and handled as a hobby. It got a new energy when my second son was born in 2016. In this time I started a new brand (Pocket Trailer) what is a baby vechical carrier strap. After it I started a new website only for my bags.

3. How did you start the business?

Today the brand is known for its practicality, and style. We come up with collections in every season and in between we have special pieces as well. The main pieces are the adjustable bag packs, the oversized fanny packs for Mamas. But we have many other pieces in the same quality like: phone case, clutch bag, ZIPack or in the winter we had a very successful piece made from softshell material – it was a long styled waistcoat. This spring we came with a shirtdress.

4. What does sustainability means to you?

Our bags are produced here, in Hungary, by locals. (For this read more in my Instagram post here.). The unique patterns are designed by my husband and a local company prints on a special softshell material, straps and buckles are made from durable plastic also in Hungary. Though the material is 100% polyesther and the buckles are plastic as well we aim to endure the life of the materials and the products as well. Furthermore we undertake that bags purchased years before we fix them incase its needed. We met with extreme cases where the bag was chewed on by a dog or the buckle was broken because it was dropped to fast in the car… We all fixed these.

5. How do you manage business with family?

My husband supports me – he designs all promotional materials, patterns, he is responsible for the delivery (post, markets). He helps not only in the business but we are responsible for the family both of us. I wouldn’t say there are no low points in our life and we can not do so many things in the same time – but with the customer feedbacks, to see the pride in my son’s face looking at a bag pack when he spots someone with my bag pack – these moments help and gives me energy to carry on.

6. What is the biggest challange as a mompreneur?

Not to go crazy but not just as an entrepreneur Mom – all Moms has this challenge. 7. What does inspire you?

It would be easier to say what NOT inspires me. There are more common sources of inspiration like Pinterest or Instagram – but everything else like, nature, my kids. The biggest inspiration comes from sudden and unexpected meetings and moments. Mainly during night when the creative part of my mind cannot rest. 8. What are you plans?

I have so many plans. I have just finished a new product: #notbags and in my head I am already preparing the new collection for 2020/2021. Moreover we have just launched a new pattern with bugs – what I hope many people will love as much as I do!

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