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#Acceptance April

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

I choose this topic because I need some practice around here and I want to share with you my ideas about it.

This blog is more about  sustainability and how to live a moe sustainable life in urban conditions but to do this I realized I have to accept things what I cannot change. Also I have to accept my limits and first understand it and than work on how to change and improve myself and my habits.

I travel a lot and this month - as I started the "season" (meaning work season) and I have extra (nowaste) challanges as I am not at my own place (mainly in hotel) and I do not cook or do shopping etc.

I guess this will be a perfect 30 days to see how I work towards acceptance and self acceptance. I bring you some nice interviews as well.

What I struggle the most with is to accept there are things I cannot change around me and also I know I can be lazy so I am fighting against this!

What are you struggling with?

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