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0 - 7 The beginnings

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Well, what happened with me in a really short 7 months it is hard to describe shortly and obviously I have no time for the long one.

So I gather it only in bullet points and I promise I will get back to it!

  • I have traveled already twice to Italy visit my relatives there

  • Both times I were with my parents in an international training course with other 30 people from all around Europe - so we can say I am pretty social.

  • I was in Slovakia as well for an other training course - which was super long but really fruitful and I just loved the mountains around.

  • I had my first hike with my MomWe (OK - mostly my Mom) did a beach clean up in November in Italy what I am really proud ofI started to wean - and yes I LOVE it - maybe it is my Italian blood - but I am really into food. I am super happy my Mom makes me delicious food everyday and I am looking forward trying out new ones (especially pizza)! :DI am really fast in turning from my back to front and the other way around and I am also getting into crawling...

  • I had my first X-mas and I am happy how we kept it simple and easy. I do not mind we had no Christmas tree - as we had lovely branches around the house and some candle as well.

It is a really short time what I spent here - on this planet and I saw many wonderful thing what I wish to have also in the future when I will be older. I saw some sad things (like garbage in the forest or that so many plastic garbage on the wonderful coast of Naples) but I have the hope and faith in You and me that we can make a change together. I can promise I also do my best to save this wonderful world for many more generations.

So I have decided (with my Mom together) that this year (2018) we are going to dedicate a topic per each months over the year. During this month we are going to discuss the topic. Tell you tips on how to live a more sustainable life. We are going to share how we do well and sometimes also how we fail (as we are also not perfect). We plan to make some interviews along the way and involve as many people as possible!

Soon we come with January's topic!

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